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This is the place to sign up for summer edition of the SemesterGameJam June 09. — 11. 2023.
Please fill out the form below so we can plan with you for our next event. In case you know you can't make it but you have signed up already please let us now with a short mail (on our contact site) asap! Other participants then can take your seat and join us.


Notice; we only have limited space and therefore we have to limit the number of participants. The confirmation of participation will be send to you soon after registration.

You do not need to have a team upfront. We will have a team-finding-phase where you can meet people with the same ideas or mindset!

All fields marked with * needs to be filled out.

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Damit ihr euch erfolgreich als Team anmeldet, ist es wichtig, euren Team Namen einheitlich einzugeben. (Copy-Paste)