Frequently asked questions and answers.

Questions marked with ???? apply only for the digital edition.

Where does the digital edition take place?
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Primarily it's streamed on Twitch and Discord, so you can take part of it while staying at home. 😉 The link for the event server you will recive by mail.

Will the event take place on the general GameJam server?
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Nope, every event has it's dedicated event server. The link will be send by mail.

How does the digital edition work?
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We will have an introduction session hold on twitch on friday. We'll explain the basics and announce the topic of the game jam.

Next we will hold a brainstorming phase and subsequently you'll present your ideas. Afterwards the team will gather  - or in case you already are part of a team you can start right away in your team's channel.

Will there be a "Rahmenprogramm"? (social program)
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Yes there will be a "Rahmenprogramm". This program does change from Jam to Jam, but you'll have plenty o' options. We're gonna show games made at previous SGJ, play them together and we also can cook together.
During the workshops and presentations, with our partners from the industry you can gain some new insight/knowledge.



We can I play the games afterwards?
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You and your team as well as the other teams can upload your games on itch.io so all participants can play and rate them. We got you covert in case you are not familiar with itch.io 🙂


Does it feel like a "real" SGJ?
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Keeping the SemesterGameJam spirit alive is not easy, but our digital #QuanTUM with #lounge and #bar will be open 24/7. On Discord you'll be able to see the teams and their members and for better cross-team communication we will provide dedicated voice channels.

I am not a Student, can I participate?
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The event is exclusively made for students and prior students of universities and equal institutions.
In case we have more open slots we allow aditional participants.

Can I join with a premade team?
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Unfortunately not. You can on register for your own.
You will gather as a group at the event location.
It is possible to talk to your friends and join them at the event.

We do recommend to join a random team to get the most of the team work experience.

Do I need something to take with me?
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Please bring everything you need for productivity (Computer, Cables, MULTI-PORT-CHARGER,...) if you want to sleep onsite the event please bring a sleeping bag and blanket with you.
Take a CUP with you. Be nice to the ENVIRONMENT and avoid the plastic cups we still have to provide! 😉


Where can I sleep?
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You can sleep onsite of the event space.
We do offer a silence room but no explicit sleep over possibility.
If you want you can stay at the hotels near by.

Where do I get beverages and food? Gluten-free?
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We offer you breakfast, lunch and dinner swell as tea, coffee and many other beverages.
If you need more the EDEKA is in the same building. 
If you have any allergy you are vegetarian or something similar let us know when you fill in the registration.

Are there prices to win?
+ -

We do have many goodies of all kind in our raffle! Be curious!
The winners will get a certificate of their achievements.

When will we get the topic of this year?
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We announce it onsite the event on Friday evening.

Do I participate when I am registered?
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No. We only have limited slots.
Nonetheless we send you an e-mail to confirm that you will participate.


I filled in the registration but I my date was incorrect.
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In case you have any issues with that please use the contact form and choose "Sign-up" as topic to tell us your problem.

What are those side events?
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We have the quanTUM where you can relax, play some games on consoles we provide or regain HP and MANA with a coffee and friends.
Collect Achievements and increase you chances at the raffle.
Our mentors and guest are from the industry so feel free to talk to them and join their amazing talks.

Be prepared for the midnight special. 

I am confirmed but can't make it to the event?
+ -

Please let us now as soon as possible via our contact form and pic "Rescue".
Give someone the possibility to join!

Can I join the SemesterGameJam-Team?
+ -

We always need support! Just use our contact form and pick "Join". We will contact you!

You guys have WIFI, right?
+ -

We have the "mwn-events" that's only available for the event and is hell-a-fast.
If you have access you can also use "eduroam" or "lrz".
We can NOT offer CABLE connections. 
Everyone who's bringing a tower pc needs a wifi card or similar.

The sign up is missing something.
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We do mistakes so please feel free to let us know about it!
Please use the contact form and chose "Report missing link or problem"

I have large equipment. (Oculus, tower pc...)
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Tell us about it in the "others" box when you fill in the sign up.

Awesome posters! Can I take one with me?
+ -

Thank you 😉 Yes those are available at the event. Just ask the team where to find one (or more).

Are there any prerequisites?
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You should have some experience in the role you've selected (first semester knowledge works fine). But the people at the event are most often willing to help to teach you - oh and you got your time backing you up 🙂

That did not help! Where can I ask questions?
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Sorry we could not answer your question. 🙁 Feel free to use the contact form and chose "Other" to tell us!